Tips to save fuel while driving

With fuel prices these days, owning a car seems to be getting more and more expensive. With all the insurance costs and taxes there are enough expenses already. By following these driving tips, you can quite noticeably save money on gas without sacrificing mileage.

Change Your Driving Behavior

This is probably one of the most important tips to save fuel while driving since it has been proven that people with poor driving habits waste more fuel than the rest of the people. Most accounted bad habits are sudden acceleration and braking, driving too fast and so on. One research showed that driving at constant 55mph will save you more money on fuel than driving 65mph. Even though these are the average numbers, they will be very close to your car's optimal speeds.

Have Tires Correctly Inflated

If your tires are not kept at the right pressure, not only you will increase danger while driving, you will also spend more on gas. The PSI number shown on the side of the tires shows the maximum value you can inflate your tires to, and does not represent the optimal value for your situation. Your car manufacturer should list the proper values in owner's manual. If you your tires aren't inflated enough, you will notice a drag on your car, which will turn into more gas usage.

Idle Car

Never leave your car idle. Not only you unnecessarily contribute to pollution, but leaving car idle for more than half a minute is a total waste of gas. Even on cold mornings 30 seconds should be enough to warm up your engine and be ready to drive. It is more efficient to turn your engine off and turn it back on when you need it then let it stay idle for more than a minute.

Acceleration Should Be Careful

Going squeaking will definitely result in high fuel consumption, however crawling like a turtle won't do you any good either. Cars with automatic transmission should be accelerated moderately so that transmissions can go faster. For a manual drive you should shift early - somewhere between 2250 and 2500 rpm is the best point to shift in higher gear.

Carrying Too Much Luggage

Avoid carrying extra weight. Refer to the owner's manual to see how much weight your car can take to stay under normal operation. The heavier your vehicle the more power your engine needs to keep the car moving. Again, you will waste too much fuel. Get rid of unnecessary luggage and roof top carriers, which only produce more drag on your car and consequently use more gas.

Keep Windows Closed

A car comes out of production with aerodynamics in mind and it is designed to make a hole in the air. This ensures that your vehicle stays firmly on the surface, which results in the best performance possible with the given car design. By opening your windows you disturb this aero dynamical flow of air. What happens is that air, which comes into the car, slows it down noticeably and again you need more fuel to keep the car going.