Is an ecofriendly car cheap?

Flipping through the news channels the other night, one of the channels that was landed on was 'E for Entertainment'. Now, as enthralling and thought provoking celebrity news can get, believe it or not, the topic of discussion was not which famous person was arrested for a DUI, or who spontaneously dyed their hair color blonde; the topic was, which stars are 'going green'. I don't really remember who was on the list of lovers of mother earth, well, Leonardo Dicaprio was there; but what I can clearly recall thinking was this, how cheap is it, or how expensive is it exactly to 'go green'?

'Going green', what is fast becoming a fad today, is the act of giving up products that contribute to the pollution of the environment, for more beneficial alternatives. However, one question still troubles environmentalists, how do we solve the problem of fuel consumption? When fuel started being used to power engines as opposed to coal and steam way back during the Industrial Revolution, it was like a God-sent. It was fast, efficient, and affordable. Fast forward two hundred years later and fuel is one of the main contributors to pollution in modern day society. If it isn't making the stuffy city air in metropolises all over the world more insufferable, it's causing untold damage when it leaks in the sea, or seeps into farming land. With the world population increasing by millions annually, and as a direct result of this, the driving population shooting up, the number of fuel-consuming vehicles around the world is going up astronomically. At this rate, the ozone layer will be completely depleted in a matter of years, leaving us at the mercy of the not-so-nice ultra-violet rays of the sun.

Lucky for us, scientists and manufacturers have come up with a way for us to combat the negative effects of fuel consumption while still maintaining the efficient transportation we have become so used to: the hybrid car. Unlike the petrol consuming car, the hybrid car uses renewable energy to power it up. The most common hybrid car is the electric hybrid car, which uses electricity for energy, while also maintaining a combustion engine. Although this vehicle has not completely done away with the combustion engine, it does help in contributing to cleaner air when it is running on its battery power. On the other hand, the electric car has no combustion engine, making it even better for the environment than the hybrid. The main disadvantage of both these cars is the large amount of time needed to charge the cells. Not too shabby if you're interested in saving a dying earth.

In conclusion, is an eco-friendly car cheap? It probably is for Leonardo Dicaprio, but what about the common man? When the price of cars can range from $500 dollars, this subject is up for debate. Eco-friendly cars can be purchased at prices below $18,000; almost the amount of some people's annual income. However, if you are interested in driving for the good of mankind, it is a wise purchase since it'll be a huge help in the long run. The decision rests with you.